Weekend Art Warriors

So my kids (genetic offspring, not students) have really been into art lately. It makes sense around our house, what with Dad being an art teacher, and mom having a painting studio set up in the corner of the dining room. So we got a spray chalk set up for their birthdays, and I sat out in the driveway for a couple hours mixing chalk spray for them to paint the garage doors with. I have to admit I felt a little like Andy Warhol, directing his minions to make artwork for him and claiming credit. My little art minions actually did some cool work.


First blog post

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^this is interesting. I’m sitting on the John writing my first blog post. I’m an art teacher. I haven’t really made any art of my own for the last 8 years because I’ve been too busy teaching preteens how to do it. Well I think I’m good enough a teacher now, so maybe I can jump back into art, try some making rather than just teaching. Here’s my first attempt at Lino cut in years.


i guess the reason for this blog it to show what I make, see if I get any feedback. Well see if anyone is watching…